Simple. Efficient. Convenient.

The SMM program is designed to simplify the medication management process for patients. Patients who are enrolled in SMM receive all of their medications in pre-packaged, easy-to-use blister packs. Each blister pack contains all of the medications that the patient needs to take at a specific time of day, such as in the morning or at bedtime. This system helps patients easily keep track of their medication regimen and reduces the risk of medication errors. Patients no longer have to worry about forgetting to take a medication or accidentally taking too much medication. The blister packs also make it easier for patients to take their medications on the go. Another benefit of the SMM program is that it makes it easier for patients to refill their medications. Patients can easily see when they are running low on medication and can request a refill from their pharmacy. The pharmacy will then prepare a new blister pack and either mail it to the patient’s home or have it available for pickup at the pharmacy. Enrolling in the SMM program is simple. Patients can speak with their pharmacist to learn more about the program and to sign up. The pharmacist will review the patient’s medications and create a customized blister pack for the patient. The SMM program is particularly beneficial for patients who take multiple medications or who have complex medication regimens. It can help to simplify the medication management process and improve medication adherence, leading to better health outcomes.